I have a problem

I have an ongoing problem.  I love the idea of blogging.  Writing for writing’s sake is something that has always brought me peace.  Something about setting words to paper slows my ever frantic mind down to a pace that is restful.  I cultivate presence in writing.  Not to mention it speaks to my specific blend of introversion.  Social interactions are so exhausting, but I crave contact.  I get lonely without it.

So: blogging.  Perfect hobby for me.  But, I get caught up in the details.  The blog needs a theme. Images.  Followers.  If I start a blog about running (which was the original start of this particular one), I can’t talk about diet.  Or mommying.  Or work.  Or…my whole life.  And there are so many blogs on all of those topics.  What have I to offer.

My 2013 resolution though is to cultivate presence.  To work on staying more in the moment.  To do more of the things I like doing.  To do less of the things that don’t add to my joy.  I’ve spent so much of my life looking ahead that I’m a little afraid I’ve forgotten to enjoy the life I have this very moment (see the aforementioned frantic brain.)

And now it’s been a year since my last post.  Almost exactly.  Posie is almost 2.  The Bee is 6.5.  We’ve moved away for the time being, I don’t run much, I do crossfit.  I’m pregnant again.  See, no matter how much you look forward, life happens under your feet.

So, here I am.  Without a purpose.  This isn’t a running blog, or a fitness blog.  It’s just my life.  Written for no other purpose that this year I want to work on my demons.  I want to find out what drives me so quickly forward so I can stop every so often to appreciate exactly where I am.

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